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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I post to the group?

Send an email to  (All posts are public: On YahooGroups, Facebook, and Twitter and emailed to all members.) 

HELP! How do I turn it off?

If you receive too much email from the YahooGroup discussion list... Don't unsubscribe! You can easily change to "Digest" form (one big email per day). Go to
--- or contact the moderators and we will be glad to change it for you.

How do I contact the webmaster or moderators?

Use our online email addresses from the YahooGroups discussion list or write  We no longer have an online contact form due to SPAM.

How can I get an article posted on the Website?

All members are encouraged to contribute articles to the website as a sample of their work. You can also have a picture and a short bio. Send columns to the webmaster with express permission to republish. Only articles by members are published on the website.

Is it okay to promote my book, etc?

You can promote your books, appearances, contests, blog, website, newsletter, articles or whatever you have going that is related to writing humor either on the discussion list, or on the page with your column on it. 

My email is not posting!!! Did you block me?

If you have Technical Difficulties or any questions, feel free to email the moderators. They probably won't know how to help you, but it makes them feel useful. 

Here is what is expected of our members (and those of most successful newsgroups) - just so you know. 

1. RESPECT the purpose of the group. The focus is on Southern humor and specifically Southern humor writing. We donít mind if you havenít been published yet. We do mind if you want to talk about everything BUT the stated purpose.

2. RESPECT your fellow members. Moderators will not tolerate anything but the utmost respect for your peers. Whether you are new to humor writing or a seasoned veteran --- your fellow members deserve your respect.

3. RESPECT your fellow memberís time. Not everyone sits at home (or at work) with nothing to do but read countless posts about nothing. Keep your posts on point and as concise as possible. We donít mind hearing from you every day, but not all day. Please no spam, internet jokes, or ďcross postsĒ (treating every group you belong to as one big group.) Violators subject to moderation without further notice.

4. RESPECT Copyright Laws. Do not post entire works of another without their permission. Plagiarism (claiming anotherís work as your own) will not be tolerated -- period. If you do not understand copyright law, ask before posting. There are people here who will be glad to help.

5. RESPECT the groupís PG rating. Profanity has it's place - mostly in other discussions. Excessive vulgarity falls in this same category. Please don't embarrass us and we wonít embarrass you.

6. RESPECT the opinion of those who have paved the way before you. There WILL be occasional constructive criticism of posted material. Do NOT take it personally. Learn from it and grow as a writer.

7. RESPECT yourself. Feel free to promote the heck out of your books, personal appearances, columns and other publications. We really do want to know about them and publicity is part of the purpose of the group.. 

8. RESPECT the length of the post. Please trim posts and do not re-post the entire message you are replying to. especially if you are on digest form.

9. RESPECT Privacy.  What is said in a private email should stay private. Do not include a private email response when posting to the group. All group email to this group is now PUBLIC.

10. RESPECT the forum. Discussion groups only work when members participate. We value members. We treasure active members. A good way to begin is by introducing yourself or posting some of your writing.

Your Moderators are ~

Angela, Sheila, Ben, Leeuna, Mark

Got another question or not sure about something?
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